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Pests & Diseases Of Cherry Trees


Cherries are their favorite fruit! Holographic bird tape may be useful, but we recommend netting the trees if you really look forward to a crop of cherries. If the landscaping aspect is not important, you can construct a permanent structure with chicken wire.

Decide how tall you want the tree to become. Using a dwarfing root stock such as Z-Dwarf, choosing a naturally dwarf tree like Craig's Crimson or pruning judiciously will make netting much easier and harvesting will be possible without a ladder.

Brown Rot and Blossom Blight

Brown rot and blossom blight are two fungal disease which attack cherry trees. A copper spray should be applied in autumn as soon as the leaves fall.

Blossom Blight

A fungicide should then be applied when the blossoms appear and applied weekly. If fruit rot seems present, resume the fungicide application two weeks before harvest begins. Removing old fruit and diseased twigs and leaves is helpful in preventing disease.

Brown Rot