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Bare Root Nectarines

Nectarines and peaches are very similar – the trees look alike, they are susceptible to the same insects and diseases and both can have either yellow or white flesh. They also both have a wide range of climate adaptability and many subtle taste distinctions. Botanically, peaches are Prunus persica and nectarines are Prunus persica nucipersica. There are, however, some notable differences. Nectarines do not have fuzzy skin and they have a very distinctive flavor all their own.

The most recent breakthroughs in nectarine breeding involve the white fleshed varieties. The Zaiger family, who have introduced many new fruit varieties in the last twenty years, are responsible for the Arctic series which includes Arctic Blaze, Arctic Glo, Arctic Jay, Arctic Queen, Arctic Rose and Arctic Star. These are all delicious white fleshed nectarines. The ripening season starts with Arctic Star (the lowest chill variety) in mid to late June and ends with Arctic Blaze which ripens in late August.

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Nectar Babe Miniature Nectarine

Excellent quality, mid season, yellow freestone nectarine with sweet, rich, delicious flavor. Heavy bearing 5-6 ft. tree. Ripens in July. 400 hrs. or less. Pollenized by Honey Babe or other peach or nectarine. (Zaiger) Available on: Lov.

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