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Bare Root Floribunda Roses

Floribundas differ from hybrid teas in that they are usually more floriferous, longer blooming and the flowers are borne in clusters instead of singly. As with hybrid teas, there is a tremendous variety of color and shape.

'Iceberg' is perhaps the most prolific bloomer of them all; the pure white, semi-double flowers grace the plant spring through fall. 'Iceberg' is available as a shrub rose and also as a climbing rose. Two sports of 'Iceberg', 'Brilliant Pink Iceberg' and 'Burgundy Iceberg', are like their parent in every aspect except color. All of them are tallish, bushy and terrific bloomers. An older and always popular lavender floribunda is 'Angel Face'. True to its color, 'Angel Face' is very fragrant. 'Lavaflow' and 'Preference' are stunning red varieties. One of our favorite newer roses is 'Hot Cocoa'. The color is shades of reddish orange and it's spectacular in the garden.