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Bare Root Hybrid Tea Roses

The category Hybrid Tea describes a type of modern rose which most often displays a large flower borne singly on a longish stem. These roses are typically used for cut flowers. The plants themselves can range in height from two to six feet, the taller varieties generally classified as Grandifloras. 'La France' was the first hybrid tea, appearing in 1867. Hybridizers have produced thousands of others since then, and each year new varieties appear. Some recent hybrids tend to be lacking in fragrance, but other attributes such as disease resistance, color and size compensate for the lack of fragrance.

We always stock the classic varieties because they remain extremely popular. 'Double Delight' is one of our all-time best sellers. The rose combines shades of cream and red and has an intoxicating fragrance. Another favorite is 'Just Joey'. The large, full flowers are extremely fragrant and the colors are lovely shades of peach and pinkish apricot. 'Mister Lincoln' is one of the best loved classic red roses. Again, fragrance is a part of its popularity. Lavender roses are almost always fragrant.