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Bare Root Romantica Roses

Rose breeders take us back to a more romantic time with roses resembling the old English varieties. We are featuring some selections from the Star Roses Romantica series. Most of them have the same old fashioned look of the English roses and many have lovely fragrances as well. The Romantica roses are bred by Meilland in the south of France, making them particularly suitable for more temperate climates. They are disease resistant with very nice foliage and excellent repeat blooming.

Roses are adaptable to many garden styles. In formal gardens, the shrubs may be groomed to an even shape. In informal gardens, they can be allowed to do their own thing. Roses prefer rich, deep soil. If your garden has less than ideal soil, be sure to add some really good soil amendment. Roses also respond well to fertilization and there are lots of different formulas available.