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Bare Root Pears

Pear trees have a vertical growth pattern and Asian pears are very similar to European pears. When training your tree, it is possible to spread the branches in a more horizontal pattern by gently staking them. They also make excellent espaliers (see our Gardening Guide article on espaliers). The leaves of the pear tree are a dark shiny green, somewhat smaller than the Asian pear. They produce white blossoms in the spring. Pears prefer well-drained loamy soil, but they can handle heavy soil better than most other fruit trees.

Unlike most other fruit, pears do not ripen well on the tree. Pick them when they are full size but firm. The stem should snap off easily when you hold the pear horizontally to the ground. Store in a cool, dark place till ripe. Bosc, D’Anjou and Comice should be in cold storage (32 to 40 degrees) for a month and then left to ripen at room temperature.

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Bosc Pear - Semi-dwarf

Long and narrow shape, brown skin. Superb quality pear, one of the best. Harvest mid to late September. Use fresh/cooked. Susceptible to fireblight in warm, moist climates. 5-600 hrs. Pollenized by Bartlett or other pear. Available on OHxF333.

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