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Protection Against Gophers

If gophers are a problem, make a basket of 1" mesh poultry netting in which to plant your tree.

  • The simplest method is to cut a piece of netting large enough to encircle the roots.
  • Construct a cylinder, then make the bottom by turning the end sections over like an envelope.
  • Trim any broken roots off the tree.
  • Plant the tree inside the basket at the depth at which it was originally grown.
  • Look for the soil line below the graft (bud union) where the bark changes color and texture.
  • In most cases, the graft should be two to six inches above the soil level.
  • Construct a basin around the plant that extends out to the drip line of the branches or further.
  • Water thoroughly.
  • As the soil settles, backfill to the proper depth.
  • Cover the soil around the plant with two to three inches of mulch, being sure to keep it away from the trunk.
  • Protect young plants from deer and rabbit damage with wire cages if necessary.


(We know this is not a gopher, but gophers are not cute and he is!)