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High Density Planting

We Encourage You To Give Backyard Orchard Culture A Try!

Also see our Backyard Orchard Culture page.

For a copy of our fruit ripening chart which lists the fruit harvest dates (approximate tree-ripe harvest dates for fruit grown in the Central Valley of California) of most of the varieties offered by Bay Laurel Nursery, please send a stamped, self-addressed business size envelope to:
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Backyard Orchard Culture Means Knowing Your Nursery Professional

The concepts and techniques of BACKYARD ORCHARD CULTURE are learned and implemented year by year. An integral part of BACKYARD ORCHARD CULTURE is knowing your nursery professionals and consulting them when you have questions.

Backyard Orchard Culture Begins With Summer Pruning!

Smaller trees are easier to spray, prune, thin, net and harvest. And, with small trees, it's possible to have more varieties that ripen at different times. The easiest way to keep trees small is by summer pruning. There are lots of styles, methods and techniques of summer pruning; most of them are valid. The important thing is to prune!

Developed by Dave Wilson Nursery, Hickman, CA - Copyright 1994,1999 Dave Wilson Nursery.

Backyard Orchard Culture Means The Pride Of Accomplishment

There is a definite sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, a special pleasure, in growing your own fruit, in growing new varieties of fruit, in producing fruit that is unusually sweet and tasty, in having fruit over a long season and in sharing tree-ripened fruit with others. These are the rewards of learning and experimenting with new cultural practices and techniques, the rewards of becoming an accomplished backyard fruit grower.

Backyard Orchard Culture Means Tree-Ripe Fruit And Growing New Varieties

There is a special anticipation and excitement in growing and tasting different varieties of tree-ripe fruit, in learning when to pick each variety for peak quality, in learning whether they are best right off the tree or a few days after picking and in comparing this year's flavor and sugar to the memories of previous crops. The enjoyment can last a lifetime because of the never-ending stream of new fruit tasting experiences. It can be an older variety home grown and tasted tree-ripe for the first time ("this is the best Babcock peach I've ever tasted"), or a completely new variety, the most recent product of modern breeding. Even years of fruit tasting can't dilute the excitement of the flavor and superb acid/sugar balance of tree-ripe Heavenly White nectarines, the intense flavor of tree-ripe Double Delight nectarines, the candy-like super sweetness and low acidity of the new white fleshed nectarines (like Arctic Rose and Arctic Queen), the spicy perfection of Craig's Crimson cherry, or the uniquely flavored, high sugar, mysterious plum-apricot hybrids, the Pluots(R).


Examples of High Density Planting