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Bare Root Apricots

The first apricots came from China or Siberia. The fruit is a great favorite today, but apricot trees are one of the most difficult of the stone fruits to grow due to their early blooming period and sensitivity to frost, wind, rain and other adverse weather conditions, any of which can result in blossom or fruit drop. Therefore, areas without late frosts are more suitable. However, there are ways to increase the chances for success in growing these tasty fruits.

Tomcot has been proven to be an extremely reliable producer at Dave Wilson Nursery in the Central Valley of California. A few varieties with a later bloom time have been developed such as Harglow and Harcot from Canada and Earli Autumn from Zaiger. In addition, a sturdy row cover can be put over the tree after it has blossomed to protect it from frost and wind. Under those circumstances, having a smaller tree is beneficial which also helps when it comes to harvesting. Most of the varieties we offer are self-fruitful, although two varieties will provide the biggest crop.

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Brittany Gold Apricot - Semi-dwarf

A very consistent producer and proven to perform in tough climates where no other apricots do. Large, firm, sweet fruit has an extremely long season for an apricot, hanging on the tree for two weeks or more at the end of July. 500 hours. Self-fruitful. Pat. no. 13504 (Zaiger). Available on Cit.

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