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Bare Root Peaches

If you’re lucky, you can buy some really good peaches at your local farmer's market, but, as is often the case, you can waste a lot of money at the supermarket buying peaches that rot from the center or are completely tasteless – two good reasons to grow your own!

The selection of peach varieties is immense. Peaches can be white, yellow or red and there are different varieties to suit different climates. The newest developments enable warm winter growers to not only grow peaches, but to spread out their production from May to August! The Pride series from Zaiger is our offering for this particular climate. Start your harvest with May Pride, then Eva’s PrideMid Pride and then August Pride. These are all delicious, yellow freestone types. Clingstone peaches are great for canning, but in the modern world, few of us have the time for such activities.  Hence, clingstone peaches have not been popular in the home orchard market. We do offer one clingstone variety, Indian Blood Cling, because it’s so unique! The skin is red and so is the rich flavored flesh.

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Octoberfest Peach

Late season peach with wonderful midseason flavor. Medium to large semi-clingstone fruit. Will hang on the tree for over a month and remain sweet and firm. Ripens mid September to mid October. Hardy to zone 6. 850 hours or less. Self-fruitful. Available on Cit.

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