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New Fruit Trees & Berries For 2014

APPLES have been part of human lore since the Garden of Eden and many varieties still exist that have been around for centuries. Imagine eating an apple variety today, such as WHITE WINTER PERMAIN (above), that was enjoyed during the Middle Ages or YELLOW BELLFLOWER that is older than the United States!

See our other classic apple varieties, ASHMEAD'S KERNAL, COX'S ORANGE PIPPIN, GOLDEN RUSSET, HUDSON'S GOLDEN GEM, SIERRA BEAUTY, SPITZENBURG and WINESAP. Add some of these apples to your orchard and partake of a bit of history!We have some very exciting new items this season. Yet another new Pluot from Zaiger, DAPPLE SUPREME (above) is a cross between Dapple Dandy and Flavor Supreme, so it has to be really good! It has the added bonus of being low chill, requiring only 300 hours. We also have a new mulberry, WHITE PAKISTAN, with long, sweet white fruit. For utterly gorgeous flowers and wonderful white fruit, check out ATOMIC RED DOUBLE-FLOWERING NECTARINE. This variety has intense, deep red double flowers and is a real showstopper!

After a lengthy absence, CHESTNUTS once again make their appearance in our catalog. We have two varieties, COLOSSAL and NEVADA, which pollenize each other. After many requests, we have added THOMCORD SEEDLESS GRAPES (above) to our table grape selection. This is a cross between Thompson Seedless and Concord that retains the color and taste of Concord while keeping the thinner skin and seedlessness of Thompson. We have also added CALIFORNIA CONCORD, a seeded black grape that is good for eating, juice and jelly. If you love Concords, you definitely need to try these!

We also have a new almond, HALL'S HARDY (above), that is more suitable for cold climates than most other almonds. In addition to its sweet nuts, it has a very ornamental bloom and is often grown just for the beauty of its flowers.

Sweet Treat Pluerry

Returning for the second year is the new SWEET TREAT PLUERRY (above) from Zaiger. This is a cross between a plum and a sweet cherry, is extremely sweet when fully ripe and it has been the top fruit at Dave Wilson Nursery tastings for the past few years. We will have a much greater supply this season, so if you missed out last time, do try again.

No doubt you have heard the buzz about GOJI BERRIES (above) with all their health benefits. They have the highest antioxidant content of any fruit and are loaded with protein and amino acids. They have been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years and have become popular all over the world. Try one yourself and get on the goji bandwagon!

Also returning to our catalog are BLACK TARTARIAN CHERRY (above) and SENSATION RED BARTLETT PEAR. Black Tartarian has dark red, very rich flesh and is interfruitful with all other sweet cherries. Sensation Red Bartlett has Bartlett-like fruit, but with beautiful red skin.