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Growing Jujubes

Growing Jujubes

Jujube trees are one of the easiest fruit trees for the home gardener to grow. The trees are deep rooted, can withstand drought once established and can tolerate saline and alkaline soils as well. They will, of course, do best in richer soils although they tend to sucker in moist soils.  They have few known pests, but may succumb to Texas root rot in desert areas.


Harvesting Jujube Fruit

Fruit may be harvested for fresh eating when it turns reddish brown. The fruit, also called Chinese date, is crisp and resembles an apple. Jujubes may also be dried. Eat them when they are completely brown and very soft.


Jujube Trees In The Landscape

Jujube trees offer an interesting addition to the ornamental garden. They have an attractive silhouette and the leaves turn a pleasing shade of yellow in the fall. The trees should be pruned in the winter. The Contorted Jujube is especially decorative with its twisted, contorted branches. This variety is a rogue form from the orchards of Dave Wilson Nursery.